We help families of teens with mental illness

We aim to be the first name one thinks of when a parent needs information and tools to help to manage and better understand their teen with a mental health condition. 

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Cypress Educational Services will be providing services to parents of teens with mental health conditions. Please see below the different options we will have for you all in 2021!


We are working to provide courses about mental health disorders and treatment options so you will know more about how to help your teen. 


Sometimes we just need a game plan, a place to start. Book Dr. McGuire to see what might be the best strategies to help your teen. 

Nursing Continuing Education

Professionals working in the mental health field can use support in helping their clients. Here you can find CEUs related to teen mental health and wellness. 

Dr. Kameko McGuire, DNP

Founder of Cypress Educational Services

“I believe educating teens and their families with mental health disorders more about their conditions and how to manage them can essentially change the trajectory of their life. It is nothing to be ashamed of and deserves treatment like any other health condition.”
About Us

Cypress Educational Services is a nurse practitioner-owned educational business with a focus on teen mental health and wellness.

Our founder, Dr. Kameko McGuire, DNP, is a dual certified family and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with a passion for helping teens with mental illness and their families overcome obstacles.

The goal of Cypress Educational Services is to provide tools and education to help teens, parents, family members, and other professionals who deal with teens diagnosed with mental health disorders better cope as they navigate life with a mental illness. 




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